In Their Shoes

Psychological Fact based Drama 

Era : 80s -  90s  & present.

We are planning to shoot a short version of one of the characters : CHARLOTTE in May 2021...

Synopsis :  This is a fact based drama following the lives of 6 people, and their harrowing journey of abuse, torment and drugs!

This story gives an insight on how and why people become addicts.

Following one by one, each tormented soul, yearning for protective arms of love and security.

Their living nightmare begins...leading them onto a path of self sabotage, wrong decisions and self loathing!

Character outline and series synopsis.pdf

WGA REG NO : 2015379    ©️copyright: Ettecon Ltd

The Road to Hell

A life of Filth, Fury & Greed!

Fact Based Black Comedy Feature.

Era : Late 90s early 00s

Synopsis :   A bunch of  HGV Tipper Driver's Risk life and limb for bonus loads...

Breaking all the rules, and living on the edge just to get the bonus payouts!

A time before Digi Tacho's, speed limiters and Tracker's.

A  double crossing gaffer who cares only for himself.

There is betrayal too between 2 colleague's as the Tension and angst rises after a series of accidents, 

which Ultimately ends the story after a fatal tragedy in a  quarry!

This story is also a homage and re-dramatization of HELLDRIVERS {1957}

WGA reg  no : 2022170    ©️copyright: Ettecon Ltd

The Miners Son {In Post Production}

Dark Comedy feature/drama - based on true events.

Era : 1984

A struggling Rock Band trying to succeed in a coastal town amidst the Miners strike of 1984/5

©️copyright: Ettecon Ltd